Team Anna, Ramdev two sides of same coin: Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi said that there were no differences between Team Anna and Ramdev and they are "two sides of the same coin, fighting a common goal".

Chandigarh: Amid reports that Ramdev and Team Anna were not on the same page, Kiran Bedi on Thursday said there were no differences between them and they are "two sides of the same coin, fighting a common goal".

"There are no differences between us...Ramdev is fighting on the issue of black money, while Team Anna is strong on the issue of Janlokpal Bill...Both are two aspects of a coin and we should not look at them separately," she said.

The Team Anna member was talking to reporters on the sidelines of a function here.

"We all, including Arvind Kejriwal, are working together," Bedi said, apparently referring to reports that he had left the venue in a huff after being snubbed by Ramdev for making personal attacks against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other political leaders.

Kejriwal had abruptly left the Jantar Mantar venue of the joint fast in Delhi by Ramdev and Anna Hazare on June 3 but later clarified that he had moved out as he was unwell.

Bedi said the Prime Minister and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi should act against the "corrupt cabinet ministers" by forming a Special Investigative Team comprising retired judges.

Team Anna had handed over a list of 14 "corrupt cabinet ministers" to the Prime Minister but till date the government has not cleared its stand on the issue, she said.

On the scam in allocation of coal blocks, Bedi said the government should form a special committee to investigate the charges and make its position clear.

"The auction of coal mines had been done to favour few favourite business houses, resulting in huge monetary loss to the exchequer...The issue should be probed by an SIT comprising retired judges, retired police officers and senior journalists," she said.

Bedi said if the probe finds the Prime Minister and other ministers clean, "well and good, but if there are those who have done wrong, they should be punished".

If the government does not take any decision on the issue till July 25, Team Anna would again sit on a countrywide hunger strike. A strategy is being worked out in this regard, she said.

Coinciding with the occasion of Quit India Movement on August 9, Team Anna and Ramdev will take the movement to a new phase to throw out corrupt leaders, Bedi said.