Team Anna`s criticism of JAB unfair: Khurshid

Against backdrop of Team Anna finding loopholes in judicial accountability bill, govt said there could not have been a "more "extensive measure".

New Delhi: Against the backdrop of Team Anna
finding loopholes in a bill on judicial accountability,
government on Tuesday said there could not have been a "more
"extensive measure" and termed as "unfair" the criticism for
not going far enough on the issue.

Responding to a question on criticism by Team Anna that
the case of a judge will be heard by a fellow judge under the
provisions of the Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill,
Law Minister Salman Khurshid told a press conference that
peer judgements are acceptable.

"...I don`t think we have arrived in this country at a
conclusion that peer judgements are not to be accepted...I
would respectfully ask them to read it a little carefully.

There is both peer judgement and final pronouncement by the
highest court of the land, which is Parliament," he said.

The bill was passed by the Lok Sabha last week and would
come up before the Rajya Sabha.

Khurshid said the "shortcomings" that were existing in
the present system have been removed.

"The process also allows for recommendations for
prosecution of a judge who is pronounced to be unfit for his
office...I believe that there could not be anything more
extensive and certainly more intrusive than this," he said.

Responding to the criticism, Khurshid said "if there will
be criticism that you are going too far, I think it is unfair
if somebody criticises us for not going far enough."


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