Tehelka case: Tarun Tejpal had different version of event, says Shoma Chaudhury

Shoma Chaudhury, said that she had felt a sense of outrage when she had first heard the charges made against Tarun Tejpal by a female employee.

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: The Managing Editor of Tehelka magazine, Shoma Chaudhury, said on Friday that she had felt a sense of outrage and betrayal when she had first heard the charges made against Tarun Tejpal by a female employee.

Talking to news channel Shoma said, "I do feel a sense of outrage and betrayal. I was devastated by the act. I confronted Tarun angrily."

She added, "Tarun had a different version of the event. I overruled his account and asked for his unconditional apology." She also said that she was not going to put out the Tarun`s version, revealing that he had sent a personal mail to the victim.

On being asked as to why they did not approach the police, Shoma said, "The girl had wanted a response and a redressal from the institution." She refuted all charges of a hushing up attempt by the magazine and accused the media of jumping to conclusions that it was rape based on e-mail leaks. Shoma said that she was appalled.

"I ask people not to speculate. It`s astonishing that the world should be jumping to conclusions," she said, adding, "The journalist involved said that she was not looking for vengeance."

At the same time she maintained that she had no idea of what had happened until three days ago and until she had received the complaint. "Tarun has stepped down. And as soon as my colleague said that she was disappointed by my response a committee was set up."

On the question the credibility of the institution had taken a beating, she said that the magazine was bigger than any individual.

Meanwhile, the man in the middle of the storm, Tehelka editor Tarun Tejpal is facing a possible arrest after Goa police booked him on rape charge following an allegation by a journalist colleague that he sexually assaulted her during an event a fortnight ago. Tejpal issued a statement today offering to extend the "fullest cooperation" to the police and all other authorities pertaining to the case.

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