Tension between Team Anna and Congress escalates

Congress and Team Anna were today locked in a confrontation with the Gandhian being dubbed as an "RSS agent" and an "Army deserter".

New Delhi: Ahead of Anna Hazare`s three-day
fast in Mumbai, Congress and Team Anna were today locked in a
confrontation with the Gandhian being dubbed as an "RSS agent"
and an "Army deserter".

Digvijay Singh, a Congress general secretary, also
renewed his attack on the 74-year-old Gandhian, alleging he
had links with the RSS.
Singh, a strident critic of Hazare, referred to a
picture published in a Hindi daily purportedly showing the
activist with RSS leader Nanaji Deshmukh to back his remarks
and took note of the denial that he was not linked to the

Singh`s party colleague and Union Minister Beni Prasad
Verma joined the tirade against Hazare, saying he was a
"RSS agent" and an "Army deserter". Congress spokesperson
Rashid Alvi said Hazare should come clean on his alleged RSS

"Anna Hazare worked as Secretary with RSS leader Nanaji
Deshmukh and trained in 1983 in Gonda. See Nai Duniya front
page today," Singh today wrote on his twitter page.
"And he denied any association with RSS! Now whom do we
believe Facts with Picture and the claim of RSS or Anna ? I am
again proved right," he wrote on the social networking site.
In an apparent tit for tat response, Team Anna member
Kiran Bedi tweeted a picture of Digvijay Singh sharing a dais
with Deshmukh and questioned his RSS links.

"Does sharing of the dais make one each other`s agent.
Next time shud one sit alone? When two persons share a dais do
they become each others agents,?" she asked.

While reacting to the fresh allegations by Congress,
another key Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal said Hazare is
"an agent" of the country.
"Anna is an agent of our country, when they (Beni Prasad
Verma) don?t have anything to say they say these things."
"Why do they not pass Jan Lokpal bill, Why do they want
to keep CBI in their hands? They are trying to ruin Anna`s
identity by saying these things," he added.
Hazare is due to hold his three-day fast at the MMRDA
Ground in Mumbai against a `weak` Lok Pal bill from December

"Congress should not make baseless allegations but bring
a strong Lokpal Bill, to divert people`s attention. The way
they are after Anna and the agitation, it`s not good," Kejriwal

Another Team Anna member Kumar Vishwas said, "It`s
(Beni`s remark) an insult to the Armed forces. The Army
praised Anna. People are watching, they will react with anger
in the polls."

RSS rejected the claim that Hazare was an aide of
Deshmukh. saying that by merely meeting someone the Gandhian
does not become an aide of that person.

RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav said that even Mahatma
Gandhi had participated in a programme of the Sangh,
Targeting Hazare, Beni Prasad Verma, a prominent
Congress leader from UP said, "Anna Hazare is an Army deserter
since 1965 war between India and Pakistan. He campaigned
against Sharad Pawar in local body elections but Sharad Pawar
emerged as winner."

"He only creates drama games in Delhi. He has got no
identity in Indian politics. Anna is RSS`s agent," Verma told
a TV channel.
Hazare also faced criticism from Congress`s new ally
Rashtriya Lok Dal(RLD) which alleged that he has a political

...now he has become political. When his agitation was
non-political he had a lot of supporters but now that he has
entered politics he`ll get to know what happens."
Congress` Rashid Alvi said, "Annaji has the right to
follow any ideology, if he is with RSS, or support RSS, or RSS
is his supporter, it is his own decision. But I believe,
purity of thoughts is very important. What ideology you
believe in, you need to be honest."

BJP also waded into the Team Anna-Congress row on
Hazare`s alleged RSS links and his past in the Army, saying
Congress has gone "crazy."
"Congress has gone crazy, their leaders should be
controlled, they have no control on their tongue," BJP
spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said.

Hussain`s party colleague Prakash Javadekar said
Congress is asking questions which need not be answered.
"Nanaji was a great patriot and activist. All parties
had good relatiaons with him... Who made this allegation?
Digvijay Singh? Then he also has many pictures with Nanaji,
he said.


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