Terror attacks in India: A Timeline

Following is a chronology of some recent major terror attacks in the country:

Varanasi: Following is a chronology of some
recent major terror attacks in the country:

Pune, Feb 13, 2010: 17 people killed and over 60 injured
when a bomb rips out the famous German bakery in the city.

Mumbai, Nov 26, 2008: 166 people killed in coordinated
serial explosions and indiscriminate firing across Mumbai
including the crowded CST railway station and two five-star
hotels -- Oberoi and Taj.

Assam, Oct 30, 2008: At least 77 killed and over 100
injured in 18 bombings across Assam.

Imphal, Oct 21, 2008: 17 killed in a powerful blast near
Manipur Police Commando complex.

Malegaon, Maharashtra, Sep 29, 2008: Five people killed
after a bomb kept in a motorbike goes off in a crowded market.

Modasa, Gujarat, Sep 29, 2008: One killed and several
injured after a low-intensity bomb kept on a motorcycle goes
off near a mosque.

New Delhi, Sep 27, 2008: Three people killed after a
crude bomb is thrown in a busy market in Mehrauli.

New Delhi, Sep 13, 2008: 26 people killed in six blasts
across the city.

Ahmedabad, July 26, 2008: 57 people killed after 20
synchronised bombs go off within less than two hours.

Bangalore, July 25, 2008: One person killed in a
low-intensity bomb explosion.

Jaipur, May 13, 2008: 68 people killed in serial

January 2008: Terrorist attack on CRPF camp in Rampur
kills eight.

October 2007: Two killed in a blast inside Ajmer Sharif
shrine in Rajasthan during Ramzan.

August 2007: 30 dead, 60 hurt in Hyderabad terror strike.

May 2007: A blast at Mecca mosque in Hyderabad kills 11

February 19, 2007: Two bombs explode on board a train
bound from India to Pakistan, burning to death at least 66
passengers, most of them Pakistanis.

September 2006: 30 dead and 100 hurt in twin blasts at a
mosque in Malegaon.

July 2006: Seven bombs on Mumbai`s trains kill over
200 and injure 700 others.

March 2006: Twin bombings at a train station and a temple
in Varanasi kill 20 people.

October 2005: Three bombs placed in busy New Delhi
markets a day before Diwali kill 62 people and injure