Terror infrastructure in Pak intact: Govt

The government said infiltration in J&K remains unabated with a substantial increase in 2009.

Updated: Apr 04, 2010, 10:37 AM IST

New Delhi: The government has said the terror
infrastructure in Pakistan continues to remain intact and
infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir remains unabated with a
substantial increase in 2009.

"There are reports to indicate that the infrastructure
for training terrorist elements across the border continues to
remain intact," the 2009-10 annual report of the Home Ministry

It said the government was firmly committed to thwarting
the challenge posed by terrorists and violence sponsored from
across the border.

"The available information reveals that the infiltration
that consistently decreased since 2005 has reversed in 2009
and increased substantially when compared to 2008," the report

There were 485 attempts of infiltration last year in
comparison to 342 in 2008.

Giving an overview of the internal security scenario, the
Home Ministry report said, the situation in the country
remains largely under control, though violence has increased
in terms of number of incidents and casualties of civilians
and security personnel, as compared to the corresponding
period of 2008.

"In the recent years, the concentration of Left-Wing
Extremist (LWE) violence has been mainly in the states of
Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal and
Maharashtra," the report said.

Left-wing extremists operate in the vacuum created by
functional inadequacies of field level governance structures,
espouse local demands, and take advantage of prevalent
dissatisfaction and feelings of perceived neglect and
injustice among the under-privileged segments of population.

"CPI(Maoist) philosophy of armed struggle to overthrow
the Indian state is not acceptable in our Parliamentary
democracy and will have to be curbed at any cost. Government
has given a call to the Maoist to abjure violence and come for
talks. This has not been accepted by them so far," it said.

While the overall counter-action by the affected states
in terms of LWEs killed, arrested and surrendered has shown
much better results in 2009, there is an urgent need to
strengthen police response, particularly by Bihar, Jharkhand,
Orissa, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh, by improving actionable
intelligence collection and sharing mechanisms and
strengthening their police force, the report said.

There were some instances of major agitations during the
year, which led to disturbance of public order and disruption
of normal life in the affected areas such as the agitation in
Andhra Pradesh for and against separate Telangana state and in
West Bengal in the context of the demand for a separate
Gorkhaland state, it said.