`There are more important issues than Ayodhya`

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi suggested that there are more important issues than Ayodhya.

Guwahati: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday
suggested that there are more important fundamental issues
like education and infrastructure than Ayodhya.
Interacting with students at IIT Guwahati, Gandhi said,
"my personal view is that there are many many fundamental
issues that are much more important like infrastructure, the
type of education we are providing to our youngsters and the
type of technology we use".
He was responding to a question on whether he thinks it
is worthwhile at this time to spend so much time and energy
over deciding whether a temple or mosque should be there at
the disputed site in Ayodhya.

Gandhi at the same time said, "We are a democracy and
there are people in this country for whom those types of
decisions are important and they have a perspective and view
on this".


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