Thomas should resign: BJP, CPM

The opposition said Thomas`s offer to recuse himself from 2G probe was an attempt by the govt to "bail him out".

New Delhi: Sticking to its demand that PJ Thomas step down as CVC, the opposition on Wednesday said his offer to recuse himself from supervising the CBI in the 2G spectrum case was an attempt by the government to "bail him out".

"This is no way to deal with the issue. You go to the Supreme Court and tell the court that he will not enquire into... then what is the CVC for?

"He is the head of an institution, he is supposed to guide, supervise and monitor the probe and if he is going to do this (recuse himself) then what for he is. This is a way to bail him out from the present situation and to bail out the government from embarrassment", senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu told reporters outside Parliament House.

His comments come after the Centre informed the Supreme Court that Thomas has offered to recuse himself from supervising the case.

Naidu said this (recusing himself) will not carry conviction with anybody and added "there is no other way other than the CVC resigning".

BJP spokesperson Nirmala Seetharaman said the appointment "itself was not on sound footing".
CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat said Thomas` offer to recuse himself from supervising the CBI in the 2G spectrum case was inadequate and insisted on his resignation.

"The court should once again provide evidence of his intention to cover up the scam. Firstly, appointing a person to the post of CVC knowing that he would have to look into the 2G scam... who was deeply involved in that scam or cover up of that scam is itself unethical", the left party leader told reporters here.
She demanded that the government should at least ensure that the concerned individual resigns and said, "It’s a question of resignation not recusing himself. Therefore, this is further evidence of the government`s lack of ethics or morality in this case".