UK-India ties under Labour unique: David Miliband

The bilateral ties between the UK and India under the previous labour regime was a "success" and the party would continue to work for further strengthening it.

London: The bilateral ties between the UK and India under the previous labour regime was a "success" and the party would continue to work for further strengthening it,
David Miliband, former Foreign Secretary and a contender for the Labour leadership, has said.

"We should celebrate the success story of the UK-India relations under the Labour. The partnership between Gordon Brown and Manmohan Singh was unique," Miliband said last night.

Speaking at a function to celebrate the victory of NRI Labour candidate from Ealing Southall Virendra Sharma and 16 Labour councillors from Southall, Miliband said Labour could be proud of its achievements during its 13-year rule.

"We need to learn lessons from the election victory in Ealing Southall and election defeat at the national level," Miliband said.

He said Sharma and the councillors have succeeded because of their dedicated work and advised the councillors to work sincerely.

Miliband is one of the contenders to succeed Brown who had announced his decision to step down from the party chief post after Labour came second in the general elections.

"I know the kind of Britain we want to live - we need the best schools in the State sector, we need the best National Health Service and Britain that celebrates global connection," Miliband said.

He noted that the Labour Government had helped restore civilian government in Pakistan and the civilian rule and restoration of human rights in Bangladesh.

He said the previous regime had also spoken for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka and is striving for realisation of a Palestinian state.

It was because of the Labour policies, London emerged as the most multi-cultural city, he noted. Spelling out his vision, Miliband said, "we need a labour party which is a living, breathing movement, a Labour party open to all."

Referring to some of the greatest achievements of Labour government, he said "we emerged as world leaders in International Aid, pioneer in anti-racist movement and fight
against discrimination."

Leading NRI industrialist Lord Swraj Paul, prominent NRI hotelier Joginder Sanger, and Member of the European Parliament Claude Moraes were also present on the occasion.

In his brief address, Lord Paul said despite the fillip given by media, the Conservatives had failed to gain majority in the recently concluded elections and Lib Dem failed to improve their position.

"We are the only party which have done better. In the
13 years, we have produced two great Prime Ministers - Tony
Blair and Gordon Brown. We have left a reservoir of young

"Labour is the only party in the country which has
looked after the interest of ordinary people and this party
will protect ordinary people. David is one of the most
outstanding leaders," he said.

Virendra Sharma thanked people from all walks of life
who had helped him win the election. "I am humbled, grateful
and proud to be re-elected and I would work for all and work
to protect jobs, public services and environment."

Sharma said R S Mann, elected from Norwood Green, will
be installed as Mayor of London Borough of Ealing tomorrow.

All 16 NRI councillors elected from Southall were
present on the occasion.


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