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UN system should respond to poverty challenges: India

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 20:14

United Nations: Poverty eradication should be at the heart of UN`s operational activities for development, India has said pointing out the need to focus on strengthening institutional capacity building in developing countries.

It is India`s considered conviction that poverty eradication should be at the heart of UN`s operational activities for development, as its primary objective, First Secretary at the Permanent Mission of India here Namgya Khampa said in a statement at the Operational Activities Segment of Economic and Social Council.

"For UN development system to be successful globally, it needs to respond to the greatest challenge confronting developing countries, namely, poverty," she said adding that the thrust of the international development effort should be directed towards the neediest countries, home to the most vulnerable.

Khampa added that those living at the subsistence level cannot bear the costs of adjustment and their livelihood considerations are important in determining how scarce natural resources such as land, water and forests are used.

She said for developing countries, inclusive growth and a rapid increase in per capita income levels are critical development imperatives.

Strengthening institutional capacity building in developing countries should be another key focus area of UN operational activity.
"In order to be a real `force multiplier`, the operational activities of the UN development system should foster national and local capacities, strengthen networks for sharing of knowledge and best practices, and promote national ownership by building institutional capacities in developing countries," she said.

Further, the present global economic slowdown has adversely impacted plans of national governments in developing countries to consider scaling up developmental financing. The diminishing quantity of finance available for developing countries remains a central challenge to attain the Internationally Agreed Development Goals, including the Millennium Development Goals.

"These needs must be met by efforts to promote investment and trade flows by facilitating transfer of and access to advanced technologies by developing countries, and by expanded and innovative financing of development activities," she said.

India also stressed on gender equality, women`s empowerment and giving more "muscle" to the `South South Cooperation` as key focus areas for the UN development system.

First Published: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 20:13
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