`US’ visa issuance to Indians - sign of good ties`

The US has hiked fee for H-1B and L1 visas popular among Indian professionals and companies.

Washington: Though it has hiked fee for H-1B
and L1 visas popular among Indian professionals and companies,
the US has said it continues to issue these visas to a large
number of Indians which is a "good indicator" of the thriving
bilateral ties.

"US visa issuances to Indians are another good indicator
of our thriving relationships," said Robert Hormats, Under
Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs, who
would travel to New Delhi and Chennai next week along with
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to attend the second
Indo-US Strategic Dialogue.

For the past four years, Indians have received about
half of all H-1B visas issued worldwide, and more than 44
per cent of all L1 intra-company transfer visas, he argued.

"650,000 Indians travelled to the United States in
2010, an 18 per cent increase over the year 2009," he added.

India has historically been one of the largest sources of
international students in the US colleges and universities
with over 100,000 students coming here to study last year,
Hormats said.

"We welcome these talented and dynamic students, a source
of talent, energy and innovation in our universities and many
of them work in the United States after their university years
and we welcome the energy and the entrepreneurialism they
bring to our private sector as well," he said.

"Mirroring the Indian enthusiasm for the United States,
we would like to see more Americans go to India for tourism,
business trips and exchanges. I particularly hope we can
exceed the 2,700 Americans who studied in India last year," he

The US-India Higher Education Summit planned for this
fall in Washington will bring hundreds of educational
institutes together from both of the countries, Hormats said
adding that it is aimed at fostering American students`
participation in India`s educational system and at the growing
number of Indians studying in the United States as well.

"I also hope the diaspora will continue its work in
helping to strengthen US-India educational cooperation," he


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