US wants India to work with it in more regions

The US has appealed to India to work with it in other parts of the world, just not only in South Asia.

Washington: The US has appealed to India to
work with it in other parts of the world, just not only in
South Asia.

"We are counting on India`s rise not just as an economic
partner but as a global power - one that engages everywhere from
Latin America to the Middle East to East Asia," Deputy
Secretary of State William J Burns said in his remarks on `Is
there a future for the US-India partnership?`, organised
jointly by the FICCI and Brookings Institute, a
Washington-based eminent American think tank.

India`s leadership in promoting a more stable South
Asia - its multibillion dollar assistance commitment to
Afghanistan, its determination to re-engage and normalise
trade with Pakistan, and its joint projects to boost
infrastructure and capacity in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka
and the Maldives - offer the hope of a more peaceful future
for the region and the world, he said.

For US and Indian policymakers, a successful transition
in Afghanistan is a shared imperative and an area of
increasing cooperation.

"As the United States draws down our forces and transfers
responsibility for security to the Afghan people, we are ever
mindful of Afghanistan’s recent history and the terrible cost
of neglect.

"None of us can afford to make that mistake again," he

"Success in Afghanistan depends on ensuring that
others are there, too. That certainly includes India. With
coalition forces drawing down, Afghanistan will need extensive
private investment and economic linkages with its neighbours,"
he said.

Even with no direct access to India`s rising middle
class market, Afghanistan already sends one-quarter of its
exports to the country, he said, adding that imagine what will
be possible when transit and trade agreements extend outward
to India and Central Asia, and Afghan traders are able to
shift goods directly to the markets of Mysore and Mumbai.


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