Vajpayee involved in Ram temple movement: VHP

VHP chief Ashok Singhal said Atal Bihari Vajpayee was involved in the Ram Janma Bhoomi movement.

New Delhi: Senior BJP leader Atal Bihari
Vajpayee was involved in the Ram Janma Bhoomi movement which
led to the Babri Mosque demolition in Ayodhya on December 6,
1992, VHP chief Ashok Singhal said on Friday.

"Ataljee was also involved in the movement. He had
been also arrested. I won`t say that he was not involved. He
had been arrested in Lucknow," Singhal told reporters when
asked to comment on the Liberhan Commission report indicting
68 persons including Vajpayee for the Babri Mosque demolition.

Asked about L K Advani`s remarks that the demolition
day was "saddest day of his life", Singhal said, "I have told
him not to make such remarks (maine unku mana kiya hai ki woh
aisa naa kahein)."

He said the movement was the "movement of saints" but
it is being given a political shape which is "absolutely"
wrong. "I want to make it clear that it was a movement of
saints who guided it and will continue to do it in future."

The VHP leader claimed that VHP wants a "permanent and
stable" bond of love between Hindus and Muslims.

But, also said, only the withdrawal of claims of
Muslims on the Ram Janma Bhoomi (in Ayodhya), Krishna Janma
Bhoomi (in Mathura) and Kashi Vishwanath and the handing over
of these places to Hindus by a law of Parliament can ensure
strength for real Hindu-Muslim unity.

"If they want peace in India, a law has to be
formulated so that these temples can be constructed," Singhal