Version-2 of Aakash tablet will be presented to Narendra Modi: Kapil Sibal

Seeking to turn tables on Gujarat CM, Kapil Sibal said that he would present the version-2 of Aakash tablet to Narendra Modi.

New Delhi: Seeking to turn the tables on the Gujarat Chief Minister, Union Minister Kapil Sibal on Thursday said that he would present the version-2 of Aakash tablet to Narendra Modi on a public platform in the state on September 22.

"After receiving the tablet, Modi may think about taking back his statement," Sibal said when asked about the Gujarat Chief Miniser`s remarks made yesterday.

Taking a swipe at the Congress in Gujarat for its promise to provide free laptops if it came to power, Modi had said the much hyped low-cost `Aakash` tablets promised by the Centre have not come down to earth yet.

Sibal said,"I am surprised at Narendrabhai`s statement. This is such a venture that all over the world, it is being talked about but not so in Gujarat because we think about children 24x7.

"But in Modi`s Gujarat what happened to the future of the children. He is maintaining silence since 2002...Modi may be rich in politics but is poor at heart. In the next five to seven years, each child will have the Aakash tablet."

Accusing the Centre of `dragging its feet` on the distribution of low-cost Aakash tablets, Modi said it has failed to honour its much-hyped commitment.

Modi`s criticism of Congress had come against the backdrop of opposition Congress yesterday announcing free laptops to students if voted to power in the Assembly elections due by year-end.

"Kash (If only) this Aakash tablet could land on earth, then the lie (promise of free laptops by state Congress) they (Congress) are spreading now would hold some weight," Modi said in a sarcasm aimed at blunting Congress` aggressive campaigning ahead of the polls.

Aakash has been billed as the world`s cheapest personal computer.

`Aakash` project is a scheme of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development under which a million low cost tablet computers are planned to be distributed in the colleges at a procurement price of Rs 2,276 per unit.