When we move a mouse, whole world moves: PM Narendra Modi

Addressing fourth event on quite hectic Day 4 in Japan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi focused on his 'Clean India' campaign.

When we move a mouse, whole world moves: PM Narendra Modi

Tokyo: Addressing fourth event on quite hectic Day 4 in Japan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday focused on his 'Clean India' campaign.

I want to accomplish 'Clean India' mission and dedicate it to Mahatma Gandhi by 2019 on the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, who never compromised on cleanliness, said the PM.

“I told my countrymen that he (Mahatma Gandhi) helped us win our freedom. What have we done for him? We should do something to honour him and that is why I want to tell Indians to work towards 'Swacch Bharat' in 2019.”

Acknowledging his campaign is difficult, the PM said someone has to start it.

Interacting with the Indian community in Japan, the PM urged Indians to work for their country and use what it takes to spread the message back home.

"So if you write to your folks back in India...I know you don't write letters anymore... You must be connected on WhatsApp or have made friends on Twitter, it is important to get the message across, no matter what the medium," he said, speaking about a "Clean India" mission to honour Mahatma Gandhi.

Boasting the image of Indians, the PM said wherever the Indian community went, there has been no complaint from society there. “This is not a small thing.”

Addressing the Indian community in Japan, the PM added: “In fact, we hear Indians are simple, they contribute to the growing economy too. Credit for this goes to you all.”

Sharing his experience in Taiwan, the former Gujarat chief minister said when he had visited the Asian country many years ago, he was given an interpreter. “For the first five-six days, he was stiff, maintained protocol but then he opened up and asked me 'does black magic still exist in India or are there still snake charmers?'”

“I told the interpreter that we've had a devaluation. We used to play with snakes, now we play with the mouse. When we move a mouse, the whole world moves," said Modi, leaving the audience in a fit of laughter.

India is not a nation of snake charmers any more, added Modi.

He further told the audience that he gifted Bhagavad Gita​ to the Emperor of Japan because he had “nothing more valuable to give and the world has nothing more valuable to get”.

Taking a jibe at his “secular” friends, the PM said his gift would ignite a TV debate.

The whole world says 21st century is Asia's century, added Modi.

Describing his achievements on this trip, Modi said Indians are discussing trillion for the first time. “We had heard million and billion earlier.”

Japan is going to invest JPY 3.5 trillion or almost USD 35 billion or Rs 2 lakh, 10 thousand crore.

He also said that in the days to come, he will be able to modernise Varanasi with the help of Japan.

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