Who is the leader of the country? Modi asks Congress

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday termed the UPA government as the most hated since independence and that time has come to uproot it from power.

Zeenews Bureau

Kolkata: Launching a blistering attack on the Manmohan Singh government, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday termed the UPA government as the most hated since independence and that time has come to uproot it from power.

Addressing BJP workers, Modi said, “It is the need of the hour...we have to take determination to uproot the Congress. We have to defeat those who want to break the nation.”

Referring to the controversy in the Congress party over ‘two power centres’, Modi said, “I don’t what to make anything out of it, tell me friends, is power seen anywhere? Can the vehicle can’t be run by charging the battery?”

Launching a direct attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Modi said, “I request the media of Bengal to interview 100 Congressmen. Just ask them one question, who is the leader of the country?”

“Not 1 in the 100 will name Dr Manmohan Singh as the leader of the country. The party which does not consider its Prime Minister as its leader, then how can that Prime Minister lead the country?” he added.

“The Congress has ruled for so many years from panchayat to Parliament…there was only one party, there was no opposition. Those were days when media was not active, no PIL, not judicial activism, NGOs were not active. Three decades passed- no one asked Congress anything,” Modi said.

“When there was no hindrance, what was the reason, the Congress could not give the country anything? And now when we are in power, the CBI comes probing, PIL is filed, we are attacked via the media…amid so many problems, wherever the BJP got the opportunity to run the government, not one corruption case has emerged against the BJP government,” he pointed out.

“Is there is anything that the Congress can say that they have done? One Congress leader says that they have given mobile… You (the assembled crowd) bought the mobile from your pocket then how can they say we gave these mobiles,” Modi said to rapturous applause.

“One leader came to Gujarat & said see the mobile in your pocket...we gave. I said forget mobile but what about the charger? First give electricity then talk of mobile” he quipped.

Targeting the Congress, Modi added: “There is no government, there is no governance… no good news comes now…when I ask my friends in the Congress to list out 10 good things they have done in the last one year, they can`t answer it…”

Earlier in the day, Modi parried a question on his prime ministerial ambitions as he pitched for West Bengal’s development and blamed the Centre for neglecting the non-Congress ruled states. “I am not a politician. I am an apolitical person,” Modi said when asked about his desire to become the prime minister of the country.

In his much-awaited interface with West Bengal industry captains, Modi said that the state has suffered a lot in the past 32 years due to misgovernance and said that the Centre is responsible for poor state of affairs in non-Congress ruled states.

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