Why did PM single out K`taka on NE exodus, asks BJP

The BJP attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, questioning why he "singled" out Karnataka over the issue of exodus of people from North East.

Updated: Aug 21, 2012, 00:36 AM IST

New Delhi: The BJP on Monday attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, questioning why he "singled" out Karnataka over the issue of exodus of people from North East even when violent incidents took place in Mumbai and Hyderabad, alleging this could have been politically motivated.

"No incident took place in Bangalore but the Prime Minister chose to speak to Karnataka CM even when no violent incident took place there. Violent incidents took place in Hyderabad and Mumbai but he chose to talk to Karnataka CM only," Gadkari said at a seminar.

"This is like...Aag lagi hai Delhi mein, aur fire brigade gayi Mumbai mein (there is fire in Delhi and the fire brigade has been sent to Mumbai)...Usmein bhi rajniti ho sakti hai (there could be politics behind this also)," he said.

The BJP president also attacked Congress charging it was a "problem" itself and responsible for all ills confronting the nation - corruption, price rise, anarchy, foreign infiltration.

He wondered whether the nation`s internal and external security was safe in the party`s hands as it was "casual" towards such sensitive issues.

"The nation is going through a bad phase. This government has broken all records on corruption, price rise, anarchy and foreign infiltration. It is casual towards internal and external security and there are fears on whether the nation`s internal and external security is protected," he said.

Gadkari said "Congress is the biggest problem" and "all problems are due to Congress party".

He said "if the nation, its people, its politicians, its media is not awaken, the nation stands on the verge of another partition".

Gadkari accused Congress of playing vote-bank politics and charged its leaders with allowing Bangaldeshis to enter India and getting their votes to be in power.

"A red carpet was laid for Bangaldeshis for vote-bank politics...Congress leaders like Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed allowed Bangaldeshis to enter India and get votes made only on the condition that they will vote for Congress party and help them be in power," he said.

He said: "Is there any country where people are allowed to enter like this?

Gadkari said Union Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal had stated in the Rajya Sabha that there are over one crore illegal "infiltrators" from Bangladesh in India.

Commenting on the "porous border", he said "anybody can go in and out of the 270-km border with Bangladesh in Assam".

Gadkari also suggested securing the Indian borders with Bangladesh by erecting a secure wall, as witnessed by him in Israel, saying it would cost around Rs 750-800 crore to erect such a wall.

He said terrorists had made a hangout here and charged Paskistan with attempting to create problems in India by spreading false rumours through SMSes.