‘Wild charges will undermine fight against graft’

Lok Satta Party President Jayaprakash Narayan said that Team Anna should refrain from making wild allegations.

Hyderabad: Reacting to Team Anna`s demand for an enquiry into allegations against Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and 14 union ministers, Lok Satta Party President Jayaprakash Narayan on Sunday said that the team should refrain from making wild allegations as that would undermine fight against corruption.

In a statement released here today, Narayan said that assuming every one was corrupt and every government decision was tainted with corruption unless otherwise proved was a sure recipe for disaster.

"Nothing can be more illogical and untrue than assuming that everyone in politics is bad and those outside are angels. Those who fight against corruption must have respect for truth and evidence and not rely on hearsay and speculation," he said.

Lok Satta party chief said the need of the hour today was building institutions and shaping policies that promote integrity and competence and not reviling everybody and creating conditions of anarchy.
"We may or may not like politics and policies of certain leaders. We may even be deeply offended by their approach to certain issues. But it will be a travesty of justice to accuse them of corruption," Narayan said.