Will buy finest British sandals for Maya: Assange

Reacting to Mayawati calling him a ‘lunatic’, Julian Assange said that the Uttar Pradesh CM should “admit her mistake and apologise”.

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New Delhi: Reacting to Mayawati calling him a ‘lunatic’, Julian Assange on Tuesday said that the Uttar Pradesh CM should “admit her mistake and apologise”.

In a press statement, Assange said, "There is no question that the documents (leaked US cables) are official papers... from the US embassy. These
papers have been proven the world over, including by the
aggressive persecution of our people by Washington."

"The allegations within them are made by US diplomats in
their private communications back to (Secretary of State)
Hillary Clinton. If Chief Minister Mayawati has a problem with
the contents of these communications, she needs to take it up
with Hillary Clinton. I ask that Mayawati admit her error and
apologise," Assange said.

Taking a jibe at the BSP chief, he added, "Should she fail to do so, she is welcome to send a private jet to England to collect me, where I have been detained against my will, under house arrest for the last 272
days. I would be happy to accept asylum, political asylum, in
India, a nation I love. In return, I will bring Mayawati a
range of the finest British footwear."

Assange attacked the UP Chief Minister saying that she had “betrayed rationale thought”. He also put forth the query, “The question is, has she betrayed the Dalits?”
Earlier in the day, Mayawati had slammed WikiLeaks after it claimed, citing her top aide Satish Chandra Mishra, that she was a person with a “penchant for personal corruption” and “a strong authoritarian streak.

According to a secret US embassy cable, Mishra, who is BSP general secretary and Rajya Sabha MP, had made these utterances about her party chief during a meeting with US Embassy officials.

Addressing a press conference, BSP chief Mayawati said, “The claims made by the WikiLeaks are baseless, unfounded and have malicious intent. The media coverage by the website reflects its anti-Dalit mentality.”

Coming down heavily on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Maywati said, “It appears either the owner of the WikiLeaks has gone mad or working with our political opponents.”

“I urge the government of his country to send him to a mental asylum and if it is unable to do so, then it can send him to the mental asylum in Agra,” she said, adding, “This is a conspiracy to defame the honest party workers and to create an environment of distrust within the party.”

Mishra himself has strongly refuted the claims made by WikiLeaks and warned that he will take legal action against the whistle-blowing website.

Speaking to reporters, Mishra said, “I have never said anything which has been published by WikiLeaks about my party chief and Uttar Pradesh chief Minister.”

With PTI inputs

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