‘Will give flowers to PM if Lokpal Bill passed’

Anna Hazare accused the govt of repeatedly betraying his team and said he is firm with his agitation plan.

Updated: Dec 18, 2011, 19:53 PM IST

Chennai: Casting doubts on government`s
intentions over Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare on Sunday accused it of
repeatedly betraying his team and said he is firm with his
agitation plan if an effective anti-graft legislation was not
passed in the ongoing Winter session of Parliament.

Addressing a rally here, he alleged there has been
repeated betrayals by the government despite assurances,
"which has made us sceptical about the passage of the bill."

"If it is passed, it is fine or else protests only. I
will present flowers to the Prime Minister on December 27 if
the bill is passed," Hazare, who has threatened to go on a
fast from December 27, said.

He also made it clear there could be no compromise on
bringing the CBI under Lokpal.

"We should ensure there is no space in jails on January
1," said Hazare, who is here to drum up support for his
campaign for an effective anti-corruption bill.

Hazare, who arrived here from Bangalore, said if the
government does not awaken on its promise on Lokpal Bill, then
the jail bharo would be launched.

The 74-year-old Gandhian said there is nothing shameful
in going to jail as national leaders have done so in the past
for the sake of the country.

Speaking to reporters later, Hazare said Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh "is clean and straight forward, but cannot act
due to remote controls, who consider themselves to be the
Prime Minister."

Hazare said he did not fear death and would feel
honoured if he died in the service of the nation.

"People die of heart attacks... I do not fear death... I
would feel honoured if I die in the service of the nation,"
the social activist said.

He asked people to strive for wiping out corruption from
the country, saying, "I have taken six wickets (of Maharashtra
cabinet ministers who were corrupt...100 officers have been
sent home (who were corrupt)... If each of you take even one,
India will be free from corruption."

Hazare said some people have filed 11 cases against him
and asked them to file another one to make it a dozen. "Put
one more case and it be a dozen," he said.

The Gandhian said he had left his home many years ago
and had never gone back, while continuing to work in the
service of the nation. He also recalled how he was saved from
bullets only to life a life which was dedicated to the nation.