Will not withdraw `gaddar` remarks: Ananth Kumar
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Last Updated: Wednesday, May 05, 2010, 20:24
New Delhi: The BJP on Wednesday insisted it would neither apologise nor withdraw remarks made by Ananth Kumar in the Lok Sabha and allegedly aimed at RJD Chief Lalu Prasad during the debate on inclusion of caste in the 2011 Census.

"I will neither apologise nor withdraw my comments," Kumar told reporters. He was confident of completing his presentation, which got disrupted twice, tomorrow.

Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj said Kumar has not denied that he used both "gaddar (traitor)" and "rashtravirodhi (anti-national)" during his presentation in Lok Sabha.

Both Swaraj and Kumar maintained that the latter had not used these two terms against Prasad and there was a misunderstanding among SP, RJD and other members. BJP accused these members of getting desperate, thinking Kumar was digressing from the issue.

"But one should understand the context in which Kumar mentioned them. Our notice demanding a discussion on Census was against the column 'nationality as declared' in the National Population Register (NPR) form. Gaddar word per say is unparliamentary but not in this context," Swaraj said.

The word "gaddar" was declared unparliamentary on June 5, 1998, according to Parliament records.

Kumar maintained that his intention was to first speak on why 'nationality as declared' clause in NPR form of the Census, which BJP fears can be misused by illegal Bangladeshi migrants to gain citizenship.

"Our plan was that Ananth Kumar will speak on illegal migrants getting citizenship and then argue that caste should also be included in the Census. Our second speaker Gopinath Munde was to speak only on inclusion of caste," Swaraj said.

The BJP notice to Lok Sabha Speaker requesting a discussion on Census refers to the absence of any provision to verify whether the nationality declared by a person is true.

"The basis of Census should be such that lakhs of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants to India are not counted and are kept out of it. But what is happening is a complete opposite of it as those migrants who write that they are Indian will be accepted as Indian," the BJP notice states.

This point raises a big threat to national security, the right-wing party maintained.

BJP leaders were adamant that Kumar would not apologise and whether the House will function tomorrow or not will depend on those parties objecting to his remarks.

"If we were to demand a discussion on the Madhuri Gupta spying case would we not use the word gaddar during the debate?" Swaraj asked, defending the party decision.


First Published: Wednesday, May 05, 2010, 20:24

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