Zeenews Impact: Govt assures to honour Azad, Bhagat Singh’s legacy

An initiative by Zee News has compelled the government of Uttar Pradesh to assure that the Azad’s martyrdom will be honored.

Zeenews Bureau

Unnao: It’s been decades since our legendary freedom fighters, Chandrashekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh, sacrificed their lives for the sake of the nation, in their twenties, setting exemplary definitions of patriotism, but a glimpse into their villages will tell you how apathetic the administration has been, when it comes to honoring them.

An initiative by Zee News has compelled the government of Uttar Pradesh to assure that the Azad’s martyrdom will be honored.

Zee News recently visited Badarqa village in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh, better known as birthplace of the fearless hero of Indian revolutionary history – Chandrashekhar Azad, who martyred himself at a young age of 24.

The dusty bylanes and the hackneyed condition of the village tell a pathetic tale of sheer government’s apathy and neglect meted out to the souls of our legends.

In addition to the village remaining an obscure and non-descript place, what hurts most is a liquor shop, in front of Azad’s statue, as if mocking his martyrdom.

After Zee News put the question of the presence of the liquor shop to various important administrative officers and politicians, the government assured to take action and see that the liquors shop was removed as soon as possible.

Only time can tell that, when and what action would be taken by the government, which has been in a deep slumber so far.

Some tried to justify the presence of the liquor shop by saying that it fetches revenue for the government, but it’s worth questioning if the particular amount of revenue generated costs more than the sacrifice made by our heroic martyr.

Similar is the story of the village of Khatkar Kalan in Punjab where the charismatic revolutionary Shaheed Bhagat Singh was born. Bhagat Singh, who is still alive in our hearts, was hanged with two other national heroes Rajguru and Sukhdev on 23rd March, 1931.

But it seems that his sacrifice has been forgotten, given the condition in which the Bhagat Singh Museum exists today. This museum, which was built on his 50th death anniversary, lies in a dilapidated state. The museum houses some of the most unique memorabilia associated with Bhagat Singh that includes his half-burnt ashes, the pen that scripted his death sentence and also Rajguru’s cap.

But the government seems least bothered to take care of the museum.

The government in 2009, also, promised to build a memorial in the honor of Bhagat Singh, but not a single brick has been laid so far.

On one hand, where the UP government has at least given an assurance to act to preserve and honour Chandrashekar Azad’s legacy by removing the liquor shop in his native village, the Punjab government is yet to arise from its slumber of apathy and give due recognition to the priceless sacrifice made by Shaheed Bhagat Singh.