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Last Updated: Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 17:39

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Don`t you wish you could turn the time back and go into those days where you could just get rid of incessant money woes? History being a truly benevolent teacher shows us that solutions to a lot of our problems can be found in history if we delve deep into it.One such elementary historical practice was the Barter system.

Now with the assistance of computers, internet and networking that very system is effectively revived. The age-old practice of barter continues to contribute to billions of dollars in commercial transactions each year.When a recession strikes an economy, or in situation of hyperinflation when monetary economy comes at the verge of collapse,barters revives automatically and rescues real economy. In times of recession or in boom, barter has the potential to maintain stability and a point to note is that free barter is inflation free.

Bartering is an online boom industry that’s never been more timely. So where to start? Among all the rush of E-commerce shopping websites there is new start up in town, that will make your life simple. Its aim is to fit the barter system back in the daily normal routine of the people in the most convenient, interesting and entertaining manner possible so that one can enjoy and explore the economic benefits of it.
Remember that time when you did your friend`s homework in exchange for your favourite candy bar. How easy it seemed without the involvement of money. We bartered very much all the time. Often at times you must have realised that the thing you required was conveniently lying at your friend`s/neighbour`s threshold but because you were unaware of it, you ended up buying those very things. provides you that very needed networking platform where you can find that person and match items/services that he/she is looking for with items available to trade. You can even exchange your services, for eg: you format a friend`s laptop in exchange of guitar lessons saving the cash.This website also has Barter houses where you can connect to people within your campus/office/ college so that element of trust is always there.Another important feature is the Request feature under which you can request things/services from your friends on an urgent basis.

So get started! Trade, swap and barter. All you need is to register on , post your unwanted stuff and trade for something better. Your junk and all your useless stuff can be treasure for someone else and vice versa. Why spend money when someone has something you want and wants something you have!, one of it`s own kind in India can really reach global heights if people start getting creative and take it seriously. So act smart, barter and save cash. Let`s connect, let`s barter.

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First Published: Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 11:43

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