Choose your style at Google`s boutique

Online search giant Google now wants to get into your wardrobe with it`s latest website

San Francisco: Not content with involvement in almost every facet of your online life, online search giant Google now wants to get into your wardrobe.

The company Wednesday launched a site called that attempts to assess your style and automatically find the clothing and accessories that suit your taste.

The service works by having customers fill out a so-called Stylyser quiz, which analyses taste in styles, dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and designers. Users are also shown a variety of styles and asked to comment on which they like or hate. Further refining the selection of garments are proprietary Google algorithms that take into account how patterns, silhouettes and colours work together.

The site is an outgrowth of, a visual search shopping engine, which was acquired by Google in the summer. is currently only accessible in the US, though Google said it does plan to roll out the site in other countries and add a site for men.


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