Dotcom domain name turns 25 today!

The biggest of revolutions in the internet space turned 25 on Monday.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: The biggest of revolutions in the internet space turned 25 on Monday. On March 15 1985, a Massachusetts-based computer maker named Symbolics added dotcom (.com) to its name, thereby heralding the era of ‘commercial internet’ which is now worth trillions of dollars. was followed by and Expectedly, the majority of the first 100 registered dotcom names were computer companies. Interestingly, today’s IT giants were slow to realise the importance of a dotcom domain name. Apple registered its domain name in 1987 and Microsoft got itself registered as late as 1991!

But the era had begun and in the later years dotcoms were registered on a feverish pace. Today, there are close to 84 million active domain names with over 100,000 being added every day.

However, going by the speed with which people are ‘logging-in’; the World Wide Web is set for exponential growth in the future.

And the man behind the company looking after the dotcom domain is predicting radical changes in the way internet is used.

Mark McLaughlin, CEO of Verisign, was quoted a saying by an leading English daily based in the UK: “Who would have guessed 25 years ago where the internet would be today and the number of businesses that have been built on it.”

As for the future of Internet, he predicts that over the next 25 years, voice activation would become more important than text input.

“I think the whole fabric of how we access, search, find and get information is going to be radically different.” he adds.

But what of Symbolics, the first company that hopped onto the dotcom domain bandwagon?

It went bust and in 2009 was bought by a company that’s into buying and selling of dotcoms.