Facebook won`t block Wikileaks page for now

Facebook has no plans to ban content from a fan page associated with Wikileaks at least, say bosses.

Washington: Facebook, the social networking giant, has no plans to ban content from a ``fan page`` associated with Wikileaks-at least, as of now, say bosses.

"The Wikileaks Facebook Page does not violate our content standards nor have we encountered any material posted on the page that violates our policies," CBS News quoted the statement as saying.

However, it``s a well-crafted statement and has left the possibility of Facebook changing its course in the future.

Other sites like Amazon Web Services and PayPal have already blocked Wikileaks.

Facebook``s handling of whether to block controversial and potentially harmful content from its servers has not been without criticism as it has opted not to ban groups pertaining to Holocaust denial.

The Wikileaks page on Facebook has nearly one million followers.


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