FB feature tells you whom to tag along when you go out

A new Facebook feature now offers “suggested guests” to invite along for events that are planned through the site.

London: A creepy new Facebook feature now offers “suggested guests” to invite along for nights out and other events that are planned through the site.

The uninvited guests pop up in a window saying “Suggested Guests”.

These guests are chosen from the users’ friend lists, based on whether they are likely to be interested in the night out. Facebook uses information harvested from apps such as Spotify to work out who should come along.

The “Suggested Guests’ are invited according to their interests - Facebook “guesses” from information such as Spotify playlists whether people might like to come along

New “timeline apps” such as Spotify offer Facebook, a “window” into people’s interests by cataloguing every song they play - so the site no longer has to rely on ‘Likes’ to work out a person’s interests.

The information will be used to suggest, for instance, that the user should invite someone on your friends list to a gig.

The “feature” has already been rolled out to some users, Inside Facebook reports, and is currently under test.

“Suggested guests are listed on the right side of the event page along with an invite button,” the Daily Mail quoted Inside Facebook as saying.

“Facebook seems to serve suggestions based on interests relevant to the event and mutual friends attending. For instance, an event page for a concert might suggest friends who listen to the artist on Spotify and could lead people to decide to go together,” it added. =


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