Google launches search page for real-time online posts

Google has launched a website devoted to finding "real-time" content as it hits the Internet.

San Francisco: Google further embraced the world of tweets, status updates, and on-the-fly posts with a website devoted to finding "real-time" content as it hits the Internet.

A search engine being rolled out in 40 countries at builds on features that the Internet powerhouse has been adding incrementally to its online query service.

"Real time content is often one of the best sources of information about what is happening right now," Google product manager Dylan Casey told a news agency while introducing the new real-time search home page.

"We are giving people more tools to drill down into these results."

In the same manner that Google has search pages devoted to pictures or videos, the new one is tailored to comments, images or other public content fired off at online social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace.

"With the advent of these platforms it is easier for people to publish content, and there is more content on the Web," Casey said.

"These tools make it easy for people to get fast access to that. Whether it is a movie that just opened or you see helicopters flying over, this shows what people are saying about that right now."

Google began meshing real-time content with its main search engine results in December and will continue to do so.

The real-time home page adds features including being able to search based on location and being able to get "alerts" when anyone blogs, tweets, or otherwise comments online about selected topics, brands, or names.

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