Has Facebook reached a tipping point?

Facebook may`ve reached a saturation point.

Washington: Facebook may have finally reached a saturation point, with only 320,000 new U.S. users in June after a blockbuster gain in May of more than 7.8 million, suggest a new report.
According to Wired News, monthly growth data from Inside Facebook, which supplies these numbers, seems to indicate that the popular networking site may have reached its peak.

It could be that controversies over privacy policies and dominance have kept users away. Or the numbers could simply be misleading.

But with 125 million active U.S. accounts, and nearly half a billion accounts worldwide – it seems like everyone who had to, has joined the site, so what now?

Although it’s the second most visited website, after Google, it is not a money making machine like Google yet.

Facebook’s ads are all about what you are interested in; according to the data you tell it. So the ad revenue is lesser - close to 1 billion dollars, compared to Google’s 25 billion dollars annual revenue.

Finally, if Facebook really has reached a tipping point, the only way to go from there is down, and the website will have to look for more innovative ways of managing its users, and retain them.