Ind-Pak at their imaginary best on Twitter

Indians and Pakistanis are letting their imaginations run wild in cyberspace about the fake cables.

Islamabad: Following a report on fake WikiLeaks cables about India that was carried in some Pakistani newspapers, Indians and Pakistanis are letting their imaginations run wild in cyberspace by tweeting about "what agencies want leaked."
The News and The Express Tribune newspapers, which carried the news report, apologised for it today though Indians and Pakistanis did not fail to take a dig at the

They were at their imaginary best on social networking website Twitter, where one of the trendy topics was "WhatAgenciesWantLeaked."

Sample this: "Kargil never happened. It was a complete set up by Indian Army to provide war-plot for Bollywood films," read a tweet by Mayank.

Other ones by Mayank said that US President Barack "Obama was scheduled to visit Pakistan... India hijacked his plane and diverted it to Mumbai;" and "Pakistan accused of spreading love and peace to neighbourhood."

Other Twitter users followed up with hillarious tweets such as "Bollywood is based in Karachi."

However, it was not just Indians who were having fun. Pakistanis joined in too.

Kalakawaa, an avid Twitter user and blogger, posted a humorous take on the "fake WikiLeaks."

Five Rupees, another blogger, devoted a blog to "how dumb are our agencies?" He wrote: "As you know, Pakistani nationalists refuse to believe that there is such a thing as Muslim terrorists, and thus believe that any and all violence that takes place in Pakistan against Pakistani citizens is a direct result of Indian action. So this was clearly quite a

He added: "Only one problem: the source of this report - which both The News and Jang led with, and was featured in a couple of other media outlets - was the Daily Mail News, a fake newspaper that exists only in the mind of our `agencies`."

Majorlyprofound, another Pakistani whose tongue-in-cheek tweets have a good following, laid the "leaks" to rest with this suggestion: "`The Nation`s version of WikiLeaks should immediately be reproduced word for word in Class 6 biology
textbooks and taught to all school children."

The news report based on fake US diplomatic cables purportedly released by WikiLeaks largely comprised anti-India propaganda.