Make your lifestyle payment through GPRS

You can now book your rail Tatkal ticket from mobile GPRS by downloading atom applications.

Zeenews Bureau

Now you can book your railway Tatkal ticket from your mobile GPRS by downloading atom applications.

The following will be the transaction process of the atom’s mobile application platform:

- Customer sends an SMS to 54959 with “atom” as the content of the message.

- The customer shall receive a WAP PUSH on his phone.

- Customer will need to download the application on his JAVA enabled mobile via
Bluetooth/ Data cable/ GPRS and the customer has to register himself with atom as a
one-time activity.

- The customer will also be required to create an M-PIN for his application as a part of the registration process.

- On completion of the registration process the customer shall be able to view / buy the
goods / services of the merchant through this application.

- The customer can make the payment for the goods by using his credit/debit / prepaid
card and shall also be prompted to enter the address to which the product has to be shipped.

Atom will create a real-time web based MIS which shall reflect all the transactions happening on a real-time basis. The MIS will reflect all the details including the address of the customer to which the product has to be shipped.

Atom platform allows customer to store the card details securely on his mobile phone (Critical details such as CVV2 are encrypted stored in the customer mobile phone only).It facilitates the customer to avail the merchant services over GPRS channel and the platform supports dynamic activation of new merchants in the platform without requiring the customer to update or reinstall the mobile application.

Atom is used by a large number of end customers for making various financial transactions like electricity bill payments, phone bill payments, Shopping, Rail Ticketing, Air Ticketing, Bus Ticketing, Movie Ticketing, Hotels Booking & Tour Package Booking, Movie Rental, Movie/Music Purchase, Tele – shopping and is a preferred transaction platform amongst the registered customers.

This mobile application is a secure wallet with dynamic screen rendering capabilities. During transaction, the customer mobile phone connects to atom backend server and gets the screen in a compressed (Binary encoded) form and renders in the customer mobile.

To avail merchant services, the customer is expected to download the GPRS application in any JAVA/ J2ME MIDP 2 mobile phones and registers with atom platform. During customer registration, the customer is prompted to choose 6 digits PIN to authorize the payment transaction.

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