Now, Facebook lets users tell life stories

The new timeline feature is reminiscent of an online scrapbook.

London: Mark Zuckerberg ignored all the protests of Facebook users at the changes made to news feeds, as he announced more radical shifts to the site with completely new profile pages covering years even before the site was created.
The founder of the social networking site unveiled some big changes with the introduction of the new ‘timeline’ profile pages at the company’s f8 conference in San Francisco.

The new timeline feature is reminiscent of an online scrapbook, with the most important photos and text that users have shared on Facebook over the years.

Zuckerberg claimed that the new ‘Way Back’ section had been created to let you ‘tell the whole story of your life on a single page’, reports the Daily Mail.

While the redesigned pages will see a large ‘cover photo’ at the top of the page, on the right of the page there will be a timeline that breaks down all posts from a person’s time on Facebook and allows viewers to take a leap to people’s earliest posts with a break down month-by-month.