Now make your own app with ‘Yapp’!

Now a new app named ‘Yapp’ allows iOS and Android users to make their own app.

London: Now a new app named ‘Yapp’ allows iOS and Android users to make their own app.

Today Yapp, an app to make apps, is coming out of that private beta stage and is available for everyone to use. And unlike some of the other app-making solutions it`s really easy to use and requires little-to-no technology know-how.

“We have a team of engineers writing code so ordinary people don`t have to. Yapp is the easiest way to create and publish a mobile application, many times in minutes,” Maria Seidman, the CEO and co-founder of Yapp, told ABC News.

According to the report, for making your own app, visit, sign in with Facebook or make your own account, and start designing your app.

Users can pick from a set of pre-set templates with different backgrounds and colors and start customizing for your event. You can easily put in a schedule, a feed of photos, and even bring in Tweets from a specific Twitter feed. And when you are done you can invite your friends to the app via email, the report said.

They will then they will be prompted to download Yapp on their phones. The app users have created will appear in their Yapp Box, or a container folder in the Yapp app on their phone. Unfortunately, users cannot add a Yapp app directly to the homescreen of a phone right now, the report added.

"All of the bridal party and most of the guest did download the app. Of course, there are always a few that didn`t, but for the people who downloaded the app, they found it very useful," said Liz Mo, who recently used the app for her destination wedding.

The app also allows users to make changes, as say, time etc., though edit and update options.