People`s addiction to networking sites rising: Study

People`s addiction to social networking sites is on the rise, as per a study which said a rising no. of users check accounts first thing in the morning.

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2010, 14:52 PM IST

Chicago: People`s addiction to social
networking sites is fast on the rise, according to a study
which said an increasing number of Facebook and Twitter users
check their accounts first thing in the morning while some
look at their social media messages even while having sex.

The study conducted by consumer electronics shopping
site Retrevo said 53 per cent of people surveyed check their
Facebook/Twitter accounts as soon as they get up in the
morning, even "before getting out of bed". Nearly 31 per cent
say "this is how I get my morning news".

"What is it about social media that causes people to
spend so much of their precious time trading information with
friends, family and even giant corporations? Of course, we
already know the answer; it is fun and can be rewarding both
socially and financially," Retrevo`s Director of Community &
Content Andrew Eisner said.

The Gadgetology study asked consumers how they felt
about being interrupted at various times and occasions for an
electronic message. While 33 per cent said they did not mind
being interrupted by message updates "during a meeting", 76
per cent said they can take a break from their meal to check
their accounts.

17% said they would read a message on
Facebook or Twitter during sex, while 63 per cent said they
would check out a message while in the toilet.

34% of the respondents said they
would check their social networking accounts first thing in
the morning, before switching on the TV. About 30 per cent of
those surveyed said they check or update their
Facebook/Twitter accounts whenever they wake up in the night.

People under the age of 25 were more likely to lose
sleep keeping an eye on their friends` posts during the night,
the study said. iPhone owners stand out in this study as more
involved with social media. They use Facebook and Twitter more
often and in more places.

"With over 31 per cent of social media users saying
checking Facebook and Twitter first thing in the morning is
how they get their morning "news", could we be witnessing the
first signs of social media services beginning to replace
`Good Morning America` as the source for what`s going on in
the world?" the study said.

In more evidence that social media is becoming
addictive, 56 per cent of its users said they need to check
Facebook at least once a day, while 29 per cent said they can
go only a couple of hours without checking their accounts.

35% said they have to check their
accounts at least a few times in a day. The sample size for
the survey was over 1000 people across the United States.

According to Facebook, it has more than 400 million
active users across the world. Some estimates say Twitter
ended 2009 with over 75 million user accounts.