Russia looks to ban dirty language on social media to protect children

A unique system has been designed by the researchers that will encrypt software in order to make it impervious to reverse-engineering.

Moscow: The Russian government is reportedly seeking a ban on the use of dirty language on social media sites and various forums to protect children from uncivilized lifestyle.

According to Pravada, State Duma Deputy Yelena Mizulina intends to make amendments to the Law `On the Protection of Children` by adding punishment for people using dirty language in social networks.

Mizulina aims to block the pages full of posts and messages containing swear words within 24 hours if harmful information is not deleted and according to her, children can begin to see profanity as a norm.

The chairman of the Moscow Regional Bar Association, PhD, Associate Professor Sergei Smirnov in response to Mizulina`s proposal said that foul language is obscene vocabulary, which is not common to use in communication and in business relations and many people are offended by it.

The key to this successful obfuscation mechanism is a new type of multilinear jigsaw puzzle. This new technique has paved the way for another breakthrough called functional encryption.


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