Singapore Airlines curbs crew`s Facebook musings

Singapore Airlines has directed its flight attendants to avoid discussing work on Facebook.

SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines (SIA) has directed its flight attendants to avoid discussing work-related matters on Facebook and other social networking websites, company officials said Thursday.

The image-conscious airline, which is consistently ranked by passengers as one of the world`s best, took action after some cabin crew were found to have discussed confidential job issues on Facebook.
The Straits Times newspaper reported Thursday that some crew members got warning letters for grumbling about duty rosters, passengers, and their bosses and colleagues on Facebook.

"Our staff may of course have a blog or Facebook and Twitter account like any other member of the public," an airline spokeswoman told AFP.

"But our policy is clear that they must not comment on work matters about business or customers, so as to protect proprietary information as well as the privacy of other staff and our customers."
A posting on the SIA staff union website stated that "recently, there have been a few cases of crew being penalized for their postings on Facebook about company-related matters such as their rosters."

"Please refrain from such postings on your Facebook wall or any public forums or blog, as you do not know who is really lurking out there and who are really your friends," it added.

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