The smartphone apps guide to love and romance

Your new companion to sail you through the way of finding the right date is your smartphone.

Washington: Forget those friends and confidantes who promised to help you find love to fill your dull life with ecstasy? Your new companion to sail you through the way of finding the right date is your smartphone.
Smartphones have various free-of-cost or negligibly priced apps like ``101 Pickup Lines`` that might help you attract the attention of someone special, reports the Washington Post.

Just tap that cute brunette on the shoulder, scroll through the choices and lay one on her. Try No. 37: "Do you have a map? ``Cause honey, I keep gettin`` lost in your eyes." How could she not fall for you?

Once you`ve got her number, fire up the ``Date Smart`` app to figure out what to do on Friday night. Enter your location, price range and the type of excursion you want -- adventurous, maybe, or cultural -- and it`ll produce the perfect itinerary for a night of wooing.

If it suggested you go dancing, you might want to download the ``Dancing Guide.``

When your phone hears the music, it`ll let you know whether to break into a waltz or a foxtrot and will help you master the moves.

A home-cooked meal might be more your style and ``Romantic Dinner Date Recipes`` can tell you just what should go on the menu. Once you`re seated across from each other, pull up ``Getting Flirty`` to decode her expressions and figure out if she`s having a good time.

If you wind up back at your place, fire up the ``Valentine Radio`` app to hear love songs from radio stations around the world. When the time is right and you want to tell her how you really feel, the ``Love in Multi-Languages`` app will help you say it in Japanese or French or 10 other languages.

Thinking about going in for the kiss, but worried about your technique?

Just smooch the screen of your phone and the ``Kiss Me`` app will rate your style on a scale of 1 to 10 while also offering some helpful pointers.

``Adult Truth or Dare`` could spice things up if you decide to keep seeing each other. Or try one of a half-dozen apps designed to help you find new positions between the sheets.


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