Twitter unveils revamped, user-friendly website

Micro-blogging site Twitter has unveiled a revamped website that will make it easier for users.

Boston: Micro-blogging site Twitter has
unveiled a revamped website that will make it easier for users
to check images and videos, besides helping the company to
attract more advertisers.

The "re-engineered", aimed at providing an
"easier, faster and richer experience" is expected to roll out
around the world in the next few days.

The website is now split into two panes. One is
devoted to messages or "tweets" posted on Twitter each day,
and the other will feature photos, videos, replies and other
information related to a Tweet`s author or subject.

"This is really a complete revamp...It is going to
increase the value that people are getting out of Twitter, so
in less time you can get more information and value,"
Twitter`s co-founder and chief executive Evan Williams said.

Users will now be able to see embedded photos and
videos directly on Twitter, unlike previously when such
multi-media was displayed on other websites or browser tabs.

The company has reached agreements to display content
from more than a dozen online photo and video sites, including
Google-owned YouTube, Yahoo`s Flickr, GoJustin.TV, Twitgoo,
TwitPic, TwitVid, Ustream, Vimeo, and yfrog.

The redesigned site also makes it simpler to see
information about authors of Twitter posts and conversations
among Twitter users.

"This is really a complete revamp," Williams said,
adding, "Once you start using it, what you are going to see is
that everything is very responsive... The entire front end is
re-engineered to be more agile, more responsive."

The new features are aimed at attracting more
advertisers to that faces stiff competition from
social networking site Facebook.

The four-year-old San Francisco company is developing
a platform for advertisers who want to promote products and
services. Twitter has more than 160 million customers, while
Facebook has over 500 million users.

While it`s easy for Facebook users to upload photos
and compose messages to be shared with friends, most Twitter
customers don`t post many messages or share links, Williams
said. They mainly read what others post about events,
disasters and their own lives.

The changes would roll out as a preview over the next
several weeks. During the preview, users would be able to
switch back and forth between the old and new format giving
them time to grow accustomed to the new look.

"Eventually, everyone will have the updated version of," Williams said., which had about 24 million unique
visitors last month, has been a simple website with few
features. More than 90 million messages or tweets are posted
daily on Twitter.

Increasingly, government agencies, news organisations
and celebrities around the world are using Twitter to share
information or links with followers on the site.

The company had said majority of its users are outside
the US in countries such as Japan, South Korea, Brazil and