With Facebook app, now send one final message

The If I Die app lets you send one final text message or YouTube video from beyond the grave.

London: A new Facebook application gives its users the chance for one last message after they pass away by sending a final video or text message as a wall posting from their grave.

The free app, ‘If I Die’, asks the question, “What will you leave behind?”

The makers of the app suggest that the users can share their life story or even a secret they have never shared before, which might come as a surprise to the 130 or so friends average people have on Facebook.

The If I Die app lets you send one final text message or YouTube video from beyond the grave - handing the message to three ``trustees`` who see that it``s sent out to all your Facebook friends.

The app waits until the users death is confirmed and then does one last post on their wall.

The app doesn’t automatically post the “last words”, instead, the user appoints three trustees from their friends list, who will be messaged when they pass away.

Only when those three have confirmed the death will their final message be passed on, either as a video or a text message.

The app already has 5,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

Facebook itself already offers a ‘memorial’ service - once it’s confirmed someone has died, it becomes a memorial page, which only friends can see.

“We try to protect the deceased’s privacy by removing sensitive information such as contact information and status updates,” the Daily Mail quoted Facebook as saying in a blog update.

The final words are stored remotely in a computer server that the Israeli app company promises is secure.

“Only when all 3 trustees confirm the passing,” the company said.

“The pre-recorded or written message will be published on the deceased Facebook profile wall posting,” it added.

The app has been made by an Israeli startup company that says it specialises in “time capsule” products.