YouTube to invest USD 5mn to fund video-makers

YouTube announces an investment of USD 5mn in promising video-makers.

San Francisco: YouTube has announced that
it will invest USD five million in promising video-makers.

"Our goal is to catalyse the creation of new ideas and
production models from some of our most innovative and
original content partners," said George Strompolos, partner
development manager at Google-owned YouTube.

"We`ve been amazed by the creativity and resourcefulness
of many of our partners," Strompolos said. "Some, operating on
shoestring budgets, have been able to produce incredible
videos, generate substantial revenues and command an
audience that rivals that of network television.

"Despite their success, many partners lack the resources
and deep financial backing available to studio-backed
production houses," he said.

"The goal of YouTube Partner Grants is to act as a
catalyst by infusing additional funds into the production
budgets of a small group of YouTube partners who are at the
forefront of innovation," he said.

Strompolos said the funds will allow video-makers to
"invest in better cameras, achieve higher production quality,
expand their marketing efforts, expand their staff, or just
hire more talent."

He said YouTube would contact eligible video-makers and
invite them to submit a grant proposal.


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