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Narendra Modi`s Assam rally: As it happened

Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Manipur`s capital Imphal.

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3:40 pm: Narendra Modi concludes speech.

3:38 pm: You have supported Congress for 60 years, did you all achieve anything? But we (BJP) ensure that we will fulfill your expectations - Modi

3:36 pm: We will bring back every penny stashed away in banks abroad - Modi

3:35 pm: There are ways to do away with corruption. But how will people, who want to indulge in corruption, do away with it?

3:33 pm: Local youth in Assam are unemployed while immigrants have got jobs.

3:32 pm: Who did Congress ask before deciding to give away your land? - Modi

3:30 pm: We cannot change geography, we can make history - Modi

3:29 pm: I am shocked that during Rajiv Gandhi`s tenure, there was an accord on Assam.

3:27 pm: India is not the personal property of Congress - Modi.

3:26 pm: Congress has been making empty promises - Modi

3:25 pm: We need to make a skill development commission - Modi

3:24 pm: Gujarat doesn`t have rivers and had no drinking water. Eight years ago, tankers used to deliver water. But now, we have built water pipes so broad that a family can sit inside a Maruti car and drive inside it. The water problem is history in Gujarat now - Modi

3:22 pm: Assam has so many rivers but people have no water to drink.

3:21 pm: We consider the North East states as Ashta Lakshmi. And where does Lakshmiji sit? On the lotus - Modi

3:20 pm: The BJP wants the east of India to develop like the west has developed. If you want to bring change, you need to change your thoughts as well - Modi

3:19 pm: Naam Tarun hone sey chinta Tarun nahi ho jata hai - Modi

3:18 pm: Law and order in Assam is poor, almost everyday there are kidnappings and blasts. But the Congress doesn`t care - Modi

3:17 pm: The Congress keeps boasting about NREGA when it is asked about anything. Have you benefited from it? Out of 12 lakh people, only 10,000 have earned jobs out of that programme - Modi

3:15 pm: Where will the youth in Assam go for employment? Almost 700 out 1000 youth in Assam are unemployed - Modi

3:14 pm: Despite Congress being in the state as well as at the Centre, poverty is maximum in Assam. Per capita revenue is the lowest in Assam: Modi

3:13 pm: The situation in Assam is worse than Nagaland. Why did the government not do anything about Assam tourism? - Modi

3:12 pm: Even an MP would have done more for Assam than the PM has done. People of Assam have a right to question the PM and he needs to answer why he hasn`t done anything. If PM can`t do anything for his constituency, what will he do for the country? Why has PM failed to develop N-E part of the country? - Modi

3:11 pm: Assam has been choosing PM`s for the past 23 years. But what has the PM done for you? - Modi

3:10 pm: People in Assam are peace loving. Then who is responsible for the bloodshed in the state? - Modi

3:09 pm: I have a connection with tea. I used to sell Assam tea to people every morning when I was young - Modi

3:08 pm: With peace, unity and brotherhood, we have to choose the path of development - Modi

3:07 pm: Who is responsible for Assam`s poverty, asks Narendra Modi. Crowd says in chorus `Congress`

3:06 pm: The people of this country have decided to give Congress a farewell. Now the Congress party cannot escape - Modi

3:05 pm: Everyone says that you are from BJP and a part of RSS and you are constructing the statue of unity. Sardar Patel is not a politician, but a national leader to the BJP. Congress has forgotten him, we have forced them to remember after 60 years - Modi

3:04 pm: Sardar Patel, Gopinath Bordoloi stopped Assam from going to Pakistan. They remembered neither Sardar Patel nor Gopinath ji - Modi

3:03 pm: Congress leaders have small hearts, they are narrow minded, their vision doesn`t go too far. The Delhi government is busy worshipping only one family - Modi

3:02 pm: Gopinath ji should have got the Bharat Ratna long ago but it was Atal ji whose Govt conferred the Bharat Ratna on him: Narendra Modi

3:01 pm: Assam has given many great people to the nation. First CM of Assam Gopinath Bordoloi worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Sardar Patel - Modi

3:00 pm: I have come here after paying homage to all those who gave their lives for the creation of Assam – Modi

2:59 pm: I worked in Assam during my Sangh days. I have stayed in every nook and corner of Assam - Modi

2:58 pm: After his rally in Manipur, BJP`s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi begins addressing rally in Assam`s capital city Guwahati.

12:37 pm: Modi concludes his speech.

12:35 pm: Politics of corruption and inciting violence between brothers should come to an end - Modi

12:33 pm: There aren`t too many days left for the elections. After 100 days, the good days will come, and the period of gloom will come to an end - Modi

12:31 pm: Our intention is to see North East become an equal part of our country: Modi

12:29 pm: If the BJP comes to power, we`ll develop the two national highways in Manipur - Modi

12:28 pm: My offer for police exchange programmes between Gujarat and North East still stands. Manipur can emerge as a sports hub. It can go a long way. It is India`s pride that Manipur is the state where polo originated: Modi

12:27 pm: I had written to Chief Ministers offering help in providing employment to North East youth. None of the Congress governments responded to my offer of providing jobs: Modi

12:26 pm: People know English and are technology friendly. I don`t understand why the North East can`t be an Information Technology hub: Modi

12:25 pm: Nothing has been done for empowerment of women here. The IT field can prove to be a great area of development here. Manipur can do wonders - Modi

12:24 pm: More than 6.5 lakh people are registered at employment exchange but only 100 people have got jobs. Why is Congress playing with the future of Manipuri youth? - Modi

12:23 pm: Much-hyped rural employment guarantee scheme MNREGA failed in Manipur. Panchayati system is not working here. No job creation as well - Modi

12:22 pm: Development and administration have totally collapsed here. The national capital region where the PM sits also has no electricity and water: Narendra Modi

12:21 pm: Villages, churches have gone to our neighbouring country. Without taking approvals from Parliament, Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh signed paper changing boundary with Myanmar - Modi

12:20 pm: The State and Central government have not taken the issues of national security seriously. A huge part of Indian territory left off in Myanmar; it is anti-national and anti-people - Modi

12:19 pm: Everyone needs an opportunity for development. We cannot trust the Government in Delhi. There is no Neta, Neeti, Neeyat (no leadership, policies or intention)- Modi

12:18 pm: Five years is enough to change the world but what has the PM done for the 23 years in which he has represented the North East? - Modi

12:17 pm: You gave Congress 60 years but what good did that do to you? 60 years were ruined now please give us 60 months - Modi

12:16 pm: The PM represents this region in the Rajya Sabha but has he done anything in the North East? The Chief Minister makes him inaugurate incomplete projects - Modi

12:15 pm: We will bring back every penny of black money that has gone out of India - Modi
12:14 pm: In Gujarat a lake which was once a garbage dump has now become a tourist attraction - Modi

12:13 pm: I promise to bring the North East on par with other regions of India - Modi

12:12 pm: We will ask for the account of every rupee when BJP comes to power: Modi

12:11 pm: Multi crore scam took place in the project of cleaning lake. Woh talaab ki safai karne gaye the, magar kar diya saaf haath ko - Modi amidst applause

12:10 pm: Drug consumption is a big problem in the North East. The Congress government has failed in stopping drug trafficking from across border. Some Congress leaders may even be complicit in drug trade. All records in corruption broken in Manipur - Modi

12:08 pm: Even pregnant women have been killed in encounters - Modi

12:07 pm: Manipur has seen some of the worst Congress governments. It`s due to lack of political vision and with that resources are not being harnessed and the North East is lagging behind - Modi

12:06 pm: Due to lack of attention and governance, the North East has fallen into the hands of divisive forces. Our land is not safe, the life of our people is not safe. Manipur has similar problems to the rest of the NE - Modi

12:04 pm: I promise you to bring this region on par with other regions of India - Modi

12:03 pm: I met students from the North East in Delhi and assured them the nation is with them. I hope the Centre and Delhi government will stop the blame game and do justice in the matter, says Modi.

12:02 pm: The lack of governance in Delhi has led to Nido Tania`s death in the national capital. I condemn the Nido Tania incident in Delhi, there is no place for such acts. It is a shameful and sad incident. I offer my prayers for the boy - Modi

12:01 pm: North East is a tourist paradise. The region can be harnessed to attract tourists from across country and abroad - Modi

11:59 am: In all the North East states, we can have youth employed in herbal medicine and they won`t need to migrate, says Modi.

11:58 am: Why is it that China is the foremost in the area of herbal medicine but we trail despite so much biodiversity? - Modi

11:57 am: It was Atal ji who made ministry for North East. He also gave special economic packages - Modi

11:56 am: India will benefit only when the north east progresses. Centre`s policies have not been properly aligned for the development of the North East - Modi

11:54 am: Even vaastu-shastra says that if you want peace, progress and prosperity, you should take care of the north east part of your house – Modi in Manipur

11:53 am: The Indian culture is not complete without Manipur dance. When we talk about sports, we notice that Manipur contributes the most. Large number of boys and girls in the Indian Army from Manipur: Modi

11:52 am: I feel lucky to be in the North East. I salute this soil, I salute the people and culture of Manipur - Modi

11:50 am: Narendra Modi begins his speech in Manipur.

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