North-East insurgent leaders visiting China for arms

Some insurgent groups` leaders operating in North-Eastern states have visited China to procure arms.

Updated: Mar 10, 2011, 00:24 AM IST

New Delhi: Some leaders of insurgent groups
operating in North-Eastern states have visited China with an
objective to develop rapport with the authorities there and to
facilitate procurement of arms from agents there, the
government said on Wednesday.

Minister of State for Home Mullappally Ramachandran,
however, said there were no specific reports to suggest that
rebels in the North-East were offered sale of surface-to-air
missiles by those working on behalf of Chinese intelligence
In a written reply in the Rajya Sabha, the minister said
"there have been inputs suggesting the visits of some leaders
of various insurgent groups in the North Eastern region to
China on several occasions with the objective to establish
rapport with Chinese authorities, to facilitate procurement of
arms and ammunitions from arms agents of that country."

The minister said the armoury being acquired from China
by the insurgent groups is being smuggled through Thailand and
Sino-Myanmar border to North-Eastern states.

"The acquisition of arms is facilitated by the easy
availability of weapons in Sino-Myanmar border towns like
Tengchond, Ruili and Yingjiang in Yunnan province," he said.

In order to prevent smuggling of arms from across the
border, the central government has stepped up vigilance and
surveillance along the border, he said.

"Further the security forces along the border have been
suitably sensitised regarding arms smuggling by insurgents and
regular patrolling along the border area is being carried out.
Government of India has also voiced its concerns with the
governments of Myanmar and Bangladesh over the reported
smuggling of arms through their territories," he said.
The minister said state governments in North Eastern
states are being assisted in carrying out counter insurgency
operations through deployment of central security forces for
providing security to institutions and installations.

"Intelligence inputs are shared on continuous basis and
financial assistance is given for strengthening of the local
police force and intelligence agencies under the Police
Modernisation Scheme.

"Assistance is also being provided for strengthening
various aspects of the security apparatus and counter-
insurgency operations, by way of reimbursement of security-
related expenditure," he said.

The Minister said a scheme is being implemented in all
North Eastern States except Mizoram and Sikkim.

"Central government has also assisted the states in
raising of additional forces in the form of India Reserve
Battalions," he said.