Rahul gives call for ousting LF govt in Tripura

AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi said Left Front would meet the same fate in Tripura in the 2013 assembly elections for non-performance.

Udaipur/Kailashahar: Pointing to West Bengal
where the Left Front was removed from power after three
decades, AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said it
would meet the same fate in Tripura in the 2013 assembly
elections for non-performance.

"The CPI(M) was ousted from Kerala and West Bengal. Now
it is the turn of Tripura to oust the Left Front from power,"
Rahul told public meetings here.
Stating that the CPI-M was still living in the past, the
Congress leader said they should remember that the communists
in Russia were thrown out and the Marxists in Tripura would
meet the same fate.

He also alleged that the the Tripura government was not
adhering to the Communist Manifesto.

"The manifesto of the Communist Party speaks of
development and uplift of the poor and working class people,
but the Communist government in Tripura is not working in this
direction," Rahul said.

Alleging that a large chunk of central funds were
"pocketed" by the "Communists and corrupt bureaucrats", he
said, "It is unfortunate if the funds in flagship programmes
by the Centre do not reach the people."

"Despite the Centre pumping in huge funds no
infrastructure is being built. People are not getting proper
healthcare, no roads or schools are being built. Despite the
tall claims of development by the CPI(M) rulers here, none of
their claims are reflected on the ground," he said.

Quoting his father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi
that not even 15 per cent of government money was being spent
in the country, Rahul said it was a "reality even now".

Citing statistics, he said, "The Central government under
flagship programmes provided funds for development of the
state. But only 15 per cent of Central funds are being spent
and rest are siphoned off."
He said, 30 per cent of the money from the government
exchequer was to be spent for development of tribals, but in
reality, not even 15 per cent was being spent in Tripura.

"The Central government had introduced MGNREGA for
eradicating poverty and assured 100 days employment guarantee
which was unique in the world, but the Left Front government
is not properly implementing it," he said.

"This money is not the Central government`s money, it is
people`s money which is supposed to be spent for
infrastructure development, for education, healthcare and
shelter to the people," Rahul said.

He said, Delhi, Maharastra, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana,
Assam were forging ahead because they were spending funds for

"If you unitedly fight to drive out the Communists
from power here, I shall stand by you and extend whatever
support you need," he said.


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