Tripura CM up in arms against NCTC

The Tripura CM has asked the PM to withdraw the NCTC order and initiate a process of wider consultations.

Agartala: Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar has joined the bandwagon of CMs who are up in arms
against the NCTC order issued by Home Ministry and has written
to the Prime Minister saying the "unilateral" order would only
create "misunderstanding".

In a letter written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
yesterday, the Tripura CM has requested the PM that the NCTC
order be withdrawn and a process of wider consultations

In the letter, Sarkar said that it was "unfortunate and
surprising" that the NCTC order which dealt with security, an
issue closely related to states had been issued without proper

"Considering that `Public order` and `Police` is a state
subject under the Constitution of India, this action of the
MHA amounts to encroachment on the powers of the state,"
Sarkar wrote in the letter.

"All of us are fully committed to counter the menace of
terrorism in the country. You are aware about the manner in
which terrorism has been brought under control in Tripura,"
Sarkar wrote and added the state, central government and
people had all contributed to restoring peace.

The Tripura Chief Minister said that the need of the hour
was for the states and the Centre to cooperate but the NCTC
order would only create misunderstanding.

"The unilateral order issued by the MHA will only create
misunderstanding between the centre and the states and will
defeat the very purpose for which it has been issued,"Sarkar
wrote in his letter to the PM.

Sarkar said that the Federal structure of the country was
a basic feature of the Constitution and he was "pained to
mention that of late, there has been a trend to violate this
basic structure of our constitution, which needs to be

The Tripura CM has asked the PM to withdraw the NCTC
order and initiate a process of wider consultations. "

"I would request you to advise the Ministry of Home
Affairs to withdraw the NCTC order. 2012 and to initiate a
process of wider consultations with all the states to evolve
an appropriate mechanism," for dealing with terrorism, Sarkar
said in the letter. "