Narendra Modi`s Odisha rally: As it happened

Bharatiya Janata Party`s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi kicks off his campaign in Odisha by addressing a massive rally in Bhubaneswar.

Updated: Feb 11, 2014, 23:59 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau

3:16 pm: Narendra Modi concludes speech.

3:14 pm: There is so much water in Odisha but has the Government been able to provide drinking water to you? - Modi

3:13 pm: You are scheduled to cast ballots in the Assembly Elections with the Lok Sabha Elections. Aap ke haath mein do-do ladoo hain.Stand with me and I will dedicate my life to you. Stand with me and I will dedicate my life to you. You have given others 60 years, I want just 60 months. What the Congress could not do in 60 years, I will do in 60 months - Modi

3:10 pm: It is a question of just 100 days. After that the government in Delhi will change. Whether I get support from other states or not, I want MPs from Odisha because I want to work for the state - Modi

3:09 pm: There should be a straight `pipeline` from Odisha to Delhi - that means you`ll have to send us 21 MPs to Delhi - Modi

3:07 pm: If BJP forms the government and I become the PM, if there is no BJP MP from Odisha, how will I work for you? - Modi

3:05 pm: Independent India has witnessed many growth models, from the one of Congress, Left to that of BJP. I invite the political experts and pundits to study these models and compare them. Only the BJP`s model is best for the country - Narendra Modi in Odisha

3:04 pm: If a government is willing and determined, the world can be changed. The BJP has proved that - Modi

3:03 pm: Madhya Pradesh was once a `bimaru` state.

3:01 pm: If Chhattisgarh can change, why can`t Odisha? The reason is lack of leadership. The BJP and its development model can make it happen - Modi

3:00 pm: The BJP believes in development politics. That is why, Chhattisgrah has been ranked amongst top countries of India. In the past 10 years under Dr Raman Singh, Chhattisgrah has made rapid strides. But Odisha did not take a single step ahead. Odisha needs a good leadership.

2:58 pm: Compare your situation to neighbouring Chhattisgarh. They have Maoists there too- Modi

2:57 pm: Today on the death anniversary of Deen Dayal Upadhay, I pledge to work towards the India of his dreams - Modi

2:55 pm: The government in Delhi only wants votes, it doesn`t care about the country - Modi

2:54 pm: What has the Congress given the country? One family has ruled for most of the 60 years. Do the people from the Delhi government ever raise the issue of price rise? Do they even seem saddened by price rise? - Modi

2:53 pm: Until we identify this Third Front and take them done we cannot change the politics of this country. The upcoming polls is to purify politics in India - Modi

2:52 pm: The only job of the Third Front is to save the Congress - Modi

2:51 pm: Nine out of 11 Third Front parties speak of the new front, but when elections get over, they back the Congress - Modi

2:50 pm: Who are these people of the Third Front? 11 parties get together in Delhi for photo opportunities - Modi
2:49 pm: And look at the East - those who speak of the Third Front are in power here. Look what the Left has done in Bengal, look at what has happened to UP because of SP, BSP. It is time to teach a lesson to the Third Front walas - Modi

2:48 pm: I have come with intent and not promises. Why is western India more developed? Because most western states in India have BJP governments - Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat - Modi

2:46 pm: Biju babu would have been the most affected by the situation in Odisha. Real tribute could be given to Biju Babu only by making “Uttam Odisha” - Modi

2:45 pm: Do you agree that Odisha is poor? Do you agree that Odisha has been pushed to the brink of poverty? Do you agree that there is lack of education, water in Odisha? - Modi

2:44 pm: Silk saree weavers from Odisha do labouring jobs in Gujarat. Why can`t he work in Odisha. Who created this mess? - Modi

2:43 pm: Which youngster wants to leave his state, family and go somewhere else. But the condition in Odisha pushes one to leave one`s parents and go somewhere else. Because of the poor condition of Odisha youth have to leave their parents to go to other states to work. We want to make such an Odisha so that people who have left the state also come back. - Modi

2:42 pm: We are proud to announce that India is a young country, but Odisha isn`t young because all the youth leave the state to earn a living - Modi

2:41 pm: I have been in power for 14 years, just like your CM. In these 14 years, Gujarat is so developed that people come there to work. But in the same 14 years you have destroyed Odisha and people are migrating from the state - Modi

2:39 pm: When some people hold rallies, they have an issue with filling up the place. For BJP, the issue is where to fit in all the people. There is a saffron sea (of people) here today. Those who talk of Third Front, I advise them to take a helicopter and come here today. There are winds of change in the state - Modi

2:37 pm: I am surprised that people from even the CM`s district have to move to Gujarat for work - Modi

2:36 pm: There is no district or block in Odisha whose residents don`t stay in Gujarat. I meet a lot of people belonging to Ganjam district. When I ask them where is Ganjam district, they say it is their Chief Minister`s district - Modi

2:35 pm: There is not a district in Odisha from where people haven`t come to work in Surat. Odiya is almost the second language there - Modi

2:34 pm: I was trying to speak in Oria not to give complex to your CM. One should respect all languages of the country. I like Odiya language - Modi

2:33 pm: Narendra Modi begins speech in Odiya amidst chanting.