Budget session begins in Rajasthan

The budget session of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly began with governor Shivraj Patil, in his address, expressing satisfaction over the growth and development in the state.

Jaipur: The budget session of the
Rajasthan Legislative Assembly began today with governor
Shivraj Patil, in his address, expressing satisfaction over
the growth and development in the state even while raising
concern over the problem of water scarcity.

Patil called upon the members of the house to hold
wide discussion on various issues besides "reformation" work
undertaken by the state government and move forward with
Highlighting the achievements of the state government
and developmental works under progress, Patil said, "the state
govenment is working with commitment with a concept of
responsible and trasparent governance for overall development
of the state while addressing the issues of unemployment,
illiteracy and poverty."

"Energy production for the development of the state is
the priority of the government and has released water policy,
industrial policy and mineral policy. Several other decisions
were also taken for the welfare of people," he said.
Patil said that a law was needed to arrest excess
exploitation of water.

"Last year, there was acute water shortage but the
government faced the challenge very effectively and issued a
water policy. The government took several steps for its proper
execution but its success will depend on legal and
institutional reforms. A law is required to control the access
exploitation of water," Patil said.

"The problem of water shortage may arise in coming
months also; so all the members should hold discussion on the
issue and move ahead. The problem would affect the industrial
growth of the state if no concrete step is taken in time," he

Patil said that the government ran special campaign
including revenue campaign, campaign against adulteration
which delivered positive results.

On the industrial progress, he said several companies
like saint gobain, Honda motorcycle and scooters India pvt ltd
were setting up their plants in Bhiwadi and Tapukda region in
Alwar while one of the biggest MNCs of the world was setting
up cement plant in Chittorgarh.

He said that almost 39 per cent of Delhi-Mumbai
corridor is proposed to pass through Rajasthan and all these
projects and planning will generate thousands of job
opportunity and accelerate industrial growth in the state.