CBI chief requests help for Bhanwari`s kids

CBI Director AP Singh on Thursday requested Rajasthan DGP HC Meena to ensure every possible help for Bhanwari Devi`s children.

New Delhi: Moved by the plight of Bhanwari
Devi`s children whose life came to a standstill after their
mother was allegedly murdered at the behest of a politician,
CBI Director AP Singh on Thursday requested Rajasthan DGP H C Meena
to ensure every possible help for them.

Sources in the Rajasthan Police said the DGP assured all
the help from their side to ensure that the three children of
Bhanwari Devi resume their education and normal lives.

Bhanwari`s youngest daughter Suhani, 7, has been
entangled in a paternity suit while Ashwini, 15, has been
rusticated from the school as she was absent for nearly three

Her eldest son 18-year-old Sahil has also stopped going
to college as he has to make rounds of courts and police
stations after the arrest of his father Amar Chand.

With hardly any income, the children are surviving on the
meager pension of their 70-year-old grandmother Pooni Devi.

When their misery was reported in the media, senior
officials took a personal initiative to extend every possible
help to the family so that the case do not affect the
children`s education and lives.

Singh on a personal level spoke to the DGP and asked his
help to ensure that the kids can resume their normal lives.

Meanwhile, CBI will facilitate the Rajasthan Police and
Maharashtra Police personnel for their help in the
investigation of Bhanwari Devi abduction and murder case.

The agency has planned a simple function for the
officials of both the state police at its headquarters here
tomorrow where the CBI Director may distribute reward money
announced for key accused Bisna Ram.