CDs against BJP leaders too, alleges Digvijay

Congress leader Digvijay Singh, referring to the Bhanwari Devi disappearance case, on Saturday alleged there were some CDs against BJP leaders also.

Jaipur: Congress leader Digvijay Singh,
referring to the Bhanwari Devi disappearance case, on Saturday
alleged there were some CDs against BJP leaders also.
"I am not the in-charge of Rajasthan but at the same
time what I have come to know is that there are some CDs
against BJP leaders also," he told a press conference here.

"The minister (Mahipal Maderna) has already resigned
and the CBI is investigating the case, let it be over," Singh
said when asked what action the Congress High Command was
planning to take against those allegedly involved in the case.

When asked about the CDs he was talking about, he said
"I came to know about it last night here and these are of
local leaders belonging to Jodhpur or nearby areas," he said.
On Gopalgarh violence, the Congress General Secretary
Singh said it was an unfortunate incident and expressed
satisfaction over actions taken by Chief Minister Ashok

During the press conference, Digvijay Singh targeted
the Team Anna and answered questions on corruption, black
money and other issues.

He reiterated Gandhian Anna Hazare was being misguided
by "self-seeking" and "ambitious" members who were following a
"political objective scripted by the RSS and the BJP".

"Self-seeker and ambitious members of the Team Anna are
misguiding Anna who has done an excellent work in rural
development and others," the Congress leader said.

"As a government officer (Arvind Kejriwal), he could not
have taken foreign funding for his NGO but he did so. Kiran
Bedi has accepted the fact that she overcharged sponsors by
submitting false claims.

"If false claims would have been submitted by the
politicians, they would have been criticised most by the civil
society members," Singh said.

Why the civil society was now silent on this? asked the
Congress leader.

"She (Bedi) claimed that she returned the money but if
with this reasoning A Raja, Kanimozhi and Suresh Kalmadi
return the money, which they are supposed to have taken,
should they be released or the cases be closed?" he said.

"From the first day, we have been saying that their
movement is backed and supported by the RSS and the BJP.

"The RSS and BJP leaders have already said this but why
the Team Anna is not accepting the fact? When they do not have
answers, they say that Digvijay Singh should be sent to mental

Taking on BJP leader LK Advani on the black money
issue, Singh wondered why he did not highlight the problem
when he was the Deputy Prime Minister.

He said the stand of the Congress on the issue had
always been consistent and action was taken against those
found involved in corruption.

"The UPA government has taken initiatives to bring back
black money. Whatever steps are needed are being taken by the

"Treaties have been signed and the Finance Minister has
produced the list of Indians who have kept the money in
foreign banks and the process of taxation has started," he

"Perhaps Advani is forgetting all these steps. He has
forgotten it was UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi who had assured
a strong Lokpal Bill in the AICC plenary session in December,

"The Congress took action against the Maharastra Chief
Minister and members of the alliance partners," the Congress
leader said.

Why the BJP had not taken action against Bangaru Laxman
under the Prevention of Corruption Act when he was "caught on
tape accepting money" and other members of the NDA allies who
faced corruption charges?, he asked.

He also asked Advani to clarify why the NDA government
did not auction the 2G spectrum between 1998 and 2003.

"Advani talks about clean politics but why the BJP does
not take action against corrupt leaders. Why did Advani took a
delegation to the Prime Minister to back Col Purohit,
Devkinandan and Pragya Thakur when they were made accused in
Malegaon blast?"

Singh said his party had no problems if Team Anna
planned to campaign in Uttar Pradesh for any political leader.

"We have no problems at all. Let them form a political
party or let them come openly on a political party`s platform.

"From the very first day, we have been saying they are
following a political objective, corruption is not their
issue. The whole drama is scripted and directed by the RSS and
BJP," he said.


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