Reveal source of funding for proposed party: Gehlot to Kejrival

Rajasthan CM dared Arvind Kejriwal to reveal the source of funding for his proposed political party.

Jaipur: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Monday dared India Against Corruption (IAC) member Arvind Kejriwal to reveal the source of funding for his proposed political party, and how he will bear the expenses of electioneering for his candidates.

"Why the civil society activist Arvind Kejriwal was not clarifying that from where he would get money to run his political party and how he would bear expenses of electioneering if he fielded candidates in elections?" Gehlot asked.

"Kejriwal should come clear over this point," the chief minister said.

UPA government is taking good decisions but despite that, Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Baba Ramdev worked to disturb atmosphere in the country, the chief minister said.

"They can create an atmosphere, mislead people, and also can harm nationalised parties, but despite all this, it is doubtful that things will change," Gehlot said.

Which are the powers behind them may be a separate issue of discussion, but I would say there are examples where the Congress took prompt decisions in cases of corruption, he said.

Speaking at a function at Pink city Press club here, Gehlot said solution of the problem will only come out of meaningful discussions over the root cause of the problem.

"There should be honest discussion to find out the root cause of corruption, which is a serious problem and a cause of concern for `aam admi` today," Gehlot said.

This (corruption) will not be eradicated unless we honestly deliberate on this issue collectively, he said.

Gehlot also said the donations to political parties in cash was the main cause of corruption.

"I have always said that there should be state funding of elections for transparency.

Donations come in cash to political parties and unless there is a proper system, how one can expect that there will be no corruption," he said.