Women`s activists demand removal of NCW chairperson

Rights activists demanded removal of Mamata Sharma from the post of chairperson of National Commission for Women.

Updated: Jul 19, 2012, 23:55 PM IST

Jaipur: Rights activists on Thursday demanded removal of Mamata Sharma from the post of chairperson of National Commission for Women for her alleged insensitive remarks against women.

"We demand from the Prime Minister and chairperson of the Congress party the removal of Mamata Sharma because never has the dignity of the National Women`s Commission in the last twenty years been lowered so much as this time," the activists, including NAC member Aruna Roy, said in a joint statement issued here tonight.

The activists took strong objection to the NCW chairperson`s comments on the July 10 Guwahati molestation incident in which she had said that women should be careful while dressing.

"Instead of showing absolute sympathy and concern for the Guwahati assault victim, the chairperson insensitively stated that `Women should be careful in dressing themselves.` This statement blames the victim rather than condemning the assailants many of whom are still at large," they said.

The activists alleged Sharma had "little understanding" of women`s issues and is hence not fit for the post of NCW chairperson.

"It is our belief that she has little understanding of women`s issues and the insensitivity shown by her not just through the above statements but her tenure so far has shown a complete disregard for issues relating to women," they said.

"Women and social organisations of Rajasthan are shocked at insensitivity shown by Mamata Sharma, the NCW chairperson by continuously pronouncing statements that humiliate women," they said.

The present chairperson in an earlier context had said how women must not get upset by `sexy cat calls` as she wanted us to believe that sexy means beautiful and charming and women should feel proud about it, the activists said.

"We demand transparent processes of selection of chairpersons and members of the national and state women`s commissions especially bringing in those women who have experience and understanding on women`s issues," they said.